Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oh My Geez It's Working!

so!  today, pearl gave us Our First Egg!
michelle had predicted that it would take the ladies a week to get used to their new digs and start laying again, and she was accurate to the day.  (unlike some recent, inaccurate predictions! i bet pearl wouldn't have laid if the rapture had happened; too stressful).

so the egg is smaller than the jumbo eggs i'm used to buying at the grocery store, but these are also not the jumbo chickens.  they are perfectly sized eggs for perfectly sized silkies!

my dear friend emilie suggested a LONG time ago that she was going to make cookies with the first eggs her chicken girls gave her, and i think that's the best idea ever.  so, i'm going to flagrantly steal it, and i think i will make cookies to share once we get a few more ninja/pearl eggs.
in other TUF news, we have built a beautiful garden box on the sunniest-for-longest side of the house!  after it gets reinforced, filled in, and finished out, we'll have time to make a fall garden.

so now it's on.  TUF chickens: check! TUF eggs: happening! TUF garden: happening!  and summer fast approacheth....

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