Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tumblr is Fixed!

i am pleased to report that tumblr has been reunited with twitter back in the chick half of our coop, and she is walking like a champ.  she has also reverted to her revolutionary ways, sprinting away from hands with nefarious plans, kicking hay everywhere and romping with twitter.  here they are partaking in a celebratory yogurt together and then enjoying a nap.  see how much twitter missed her sister chick!

i was afraid that tumblr would forget all the snuggles we shared during her convalescence, especially once she was tearing around the (SUPER chick-proofed) coop again.  but last night, as i was closing the coop for bedtime, she walked right up to my hand and demanded cheek scratches. twitter, generally skittish, did the same.  it was as though tumblr had explained to twitter that the giants, though fairly terrifying and revolting, are pretty okay sometimes.

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