Monday, September 5, 2011

Double Digits

my loves, it's been HOT.  so hot.  100+ degrees for months hot. fan-broiler setting on toaster oven hot.  worry about your lungs cooking inside you with each breath hot.  we here at the TUF are not ones to complain, but i've been feeling as though Seasonal Affective Disorder in REVERSE has been eating my lunch.  can we go on? can we continue TUFing it out through this chicken panting/face melting/air-conditioner frying/global warming heat wa....


i walked out this morning for dog and chicken duty, and i noticed that the air had changed.  it was subtle, but it definitely felt....lighter.  like i weighed a tiny bit less, like a barometric pressure change had ruffled my cells.  the chickens seemed particularly buoyant as well, cascading out of the coop noisily.  it felt good to be outside!

i had been cooped up myself for the past few days, fighting off a brief but blustery cold.  i was glad for the long weekend to work through it, and today i feel way better.  after living on the couch for a few days, this breezy double digit day was perfect to help me back into the swing of things.

in the middle of the day we took to the yard to enjoy the air.  not a chicken was panting!  and some bananas had flown in from the neighbor's yard!  cue impromptu chicken party!

sammo surprised us by having a double lay day...TWO beautiful green eggs were waiting for us in the nest box.  double digits=double eggin'!

to cap off this labor day holiday from the heat, we decided to grill some ribs and corn, accompanied by sauteed swiss chard.  for the first time in a very long time, we enjoyed our meal al fresco, balancing our plates on our knees and surveying the Totally Urban Farm from our stairless porch-turned-balcony.  welcome fall!  here's to lower temperatures and more TUFventures!

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