Monday, June 11, 2012

On Recent Foods

i strongly recommend that folks
should eat a lot of artichokes.
steamed or sauteed, stuffed or dipped,
i am fully arti-whipped.
these were from a local farm,
pricey? yes! but what's the harm
in steaming up a few to see
'bout total veggie luxury.
pull a leaf off, scrape with teeth:
discard, repeat, 'til a wreath
of cast-off leaves rings 'round your plate,
and leaves a heart you're glad you ate.
grass-fed, local, gently raised--
one tastes the plants on which s/he grazed.
within the parthenon of meat,
little lamb chops reign elite.

garlic shards and fresh green beans,
lightly butter-sauced and steamed
lend the taste of summertime
to any plate they touch of mine.
early corn! the sun's warm rays
are captured, into sugar made
and packaged into rows and rows
of tasty kernels. tall it grows,
'til harvested and grilled in foil.
corn demands such little toil--
touched with salt and kissed by butter,
it makes gastronomics flutter.
seek the holy leafy grail?
look no further than sweet kale.
green of leaf, oft veined in red
kale is cabbage, finely bred.
chopped, sauteed and garlic-blessed,
this queen of greens outshines the rest.


  1. Your poem was so much fun to read!
    A blog like this is cool indeed
    I could almost taste what was on your plate
    Thanks for the inspiration, mate!