Monday, April 25, 2011

Coop Construction Continues...

this weekend saw some promising developments in coop construction, and the current ETA for chickens is approximately 2 weeks! it is turning into a rather 'mod' affair--the recent door creation and some structural re-adjustment are making it look more and more real. now we are considering run configurations using 4x4 panels covered with chickenwire. suggestions and comments appreciated!

here is where we left off last weekend...dan gracefully demonstrates the floor/inside of the coop and the hinged nesting box.

here is the roof getting framed, nailed up, and chicken wired. (i love that the chicken wire is happening!) matthew is such a great help. he is way taller than me.

Dan demonstrates crazy saw action, and the door is designed...

so we have the door that opens bottom to top with a FANTASTIC circle design, an angled roof, and ventilation. I LOVE IT. next steps: narrow rectangular window in the back, possibly taking roof down temporarily to add rafters and shingles, and chicken run....hooray!

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