Friday, May 13, 2011

Onward Through the Fog!

Life, the Universe, and Everything have all kept me from posting for a bit, but life is good and i'm excited about developments lately.   the coop and run are finished save for a couple latches, roosting poles, and bedding/feeders/chickens.  as for the latter, a friend from work who sadly must give up her darling silkies due to a move has decided that we should be the proud adoptive parents!  those fine fowl will probably come to roost on sunday after the weekend's family events.  we are looking forward to meeting Pearl and Ninja, the white and black silkie hens.  and then......maybe chicks?  am i that nutzo? probably......

anyway, here are some pictures of the latest developments.

 here is how our yard looks right now, with the coop in the northeastern corner. not exactly panoramic, but you get the idea...

here is the window we cut in the back (north) side and covered with chicken wire for more ventilation (and a view of the golf course!) and there's the west side of the coop with our people gate.  we lined the fence in the coop with chicken wire as well, to keep out predators and keep in exploratory chickens!
 here we are trying out being chickens in the coop.  oh, and a gratuitous picture of me with the circular saw.  yes, i did actually use it.  i am getting less afraid of power tools.  i have a great mentor!

this is how the coop/run corner looked just this morning.  also here is the collection of beer bottles we've started on the porch as a result of our backyard exploits.  I am pleased to report we finally got some rain yesterday, a big rain in fact, which we desperately needed.  this cloud below is from a few weeks ago, but it's a beautiful thunderhead. i put it here in hopes we get some more rain soon!

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