Wednesday, April 13, 2011

floor n' door!

these days it's lovely in the back yard in the early evening.  perfect for chicken coop work!  or, more correctly, i should say it's perfect weather for me to take pictures, drink wine, try my hand at the drill occasionally and cheer while dan does all the TUF stuff.  and the dogs run around like crazy animals and smell the breezes, and we holler at the neighbor or giggle about stuff.  i can't wait for chickens!  and i love me some spring!

by the way, if one is undertaking any central texas yard-play, i recommend bug repellent.  i am trying to become a more compassionate consumer, but i gotta say, good ol' OFF has improved its formula to some kinda powder dry business, and it is GREAT.  i feel kind of awful spraying myself with mass produced poison.  but i feel worse when i am dying of itchiness and pH imbalance later.  so, until i find something better, OFF is on.


framing the floor!
floor framed!

i am afraid of the drill.

the door frame!

that's some quality construction.

a man, a plan, a drill, chicken coop!

the floor and the door (framez.)

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  1. I'm allergic to OFF (or I was as a kid at any rate—not eager to test any new formulas) and the herbal stuff that Burt's Bees makes is pretty good. At least, it stood up to Hawaii bugs. :)

    Jealous of your fine weather. We woke up to an inch of snow this morning. They tell us not to plant anything in Colorado until after Mother's Day!