Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

**WARNING: introspection and food musings ahead!**

i am really glad i mentioned how lovely the weather has been in my last post.  it can now serve as a historical document proving that we did, indeed, get five (5) minutes of spring-like weather here in the ATX.  now it would seem that the Great Sous Chef in the Sky is preheating the broiler.  yay for shady backyards!

last weekend, we made an epic trip to the grocery store, and did not buy any beef or pork...only seafood, produce and some other random stuff.  the seafood at the store is usually pretty good, although i would like to eventually move toward supporting local seafood purveyors.  i am looking forward to growing my own stuff too!  farmer's market next weekend after The Big Payday.

speaking of local seafood purveyors, on wednesday night we discovered what could possibly be the BEST crawfish place in town, in a nondescript shopping center off of wells branch: The Crawfish Shack And Oyster Bar.  it is worth the little schlep to savor the tasty fresh oysters and the HUGE, nose-running, head-sucking, uniquely spiced crawfish swimming in buttery juices.  traditional, taste-tacular potatoes/sausage/corn and less-traditional mushrooms swam with the big bugs. Oh My Wow.  some of the crawdads were so sizeable that their claws were fair game.  and even the most generic, pedestrian-looking fried mushrooms were little juicy bombs of battered delight. LOVED. IT.

i had a flat tire today, earth day, and found myself unexpectedly tarrying in a state-agency parking lot anticipating rescue.  i know how to change a tire in theory; my father showed me a long time ago, hoping the useful and self-empowering skill would stick.  but today, due to my inexperience with actual respectable wheels (rather than plastic hubcaps), i called roadside assistance.  it was hot and windy, and i sat in the back of the pt cruiser with the hatch open and idly watched everyone who came and went.  perhaps the flat tire was my earth day present from the earth--45 minutes of nothing to do but feel the sun and the atmosphere and look at people and remember how nice it is to live on a habitable planet.

i am slowly but surely trying to become a better creature on your face, Earth!

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