Sunday, April 24, 2011

Keepin' On Coopin'...

last sunday, team TUF (dan: master planner/builder; matthew: loyal apprentice; me: hoverer/opinion giver/beverage holder)started by building the chicken/coop interface point. lowered by day, it's a submarine-style hop up ramp...raised by night,it forms the middle third of the coop floor.  we also enclosed the laying box, giving it a hinged egg-cess lid/vaulted ceiling for future laying ladies!  i can't wait for the egg hunt to begin!  at this point, chickens are mere weeks away...


ramp down....

ramp up! (no latches yet)

here is the nesting box: enclosed, framed, hinged and lidded.
here is what it looks like as of now!
we probably shouldn't encourage this, but...aww!

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