Monday, April 11, 2011

some things worth mentioning....

***WARNING: self-sploratory post alert.  ignore if uninterested. you have been warned.***

it's worth mentioning that my interest in changing habits around food and consumption are not isolated or random; i am in a kind of transitional space at the moment.  i share that status with many people, and arguably life is always transitional.  but it seems kind of interesting to try new things during a period of general change, and since chickens and gardening and composting have been things i've wanted to try, well, now is now! and now is definitely better than never.

i am currently looking for a job, though i'm not quite yet unemployed...mine was one of the teaching positions that the school district saw fit to cut in the name of desperate deficit reduction.  i mean to find out if being a Totally Urban Farmer can be done with a full-time job, because time (or lack thereof) is one of my perceived obstacles toward becoming a more compassionate consumer.  so i better hurry up!  my guaranteed full time job has a time limit!  this experiment needs to happen stat!

i kid, i kid, mostly.  but time is a factor. as is incorporating new hobbies and ideas into the mix of transition.

and then, there's the question: what, blogging? why blog about it? why flush all my musings and blitherings down the intertoobs out into the great huge swell of musings and blitherings in the world?  well.  just for fun, i guess, fun and documentation.  and somehow, the idea that my tiny thoughts and process are publically available makes me more likely to keep exploring and documenting.  so, basically, i'm trying new things and writing about them, and trying to keep doing those two things!  a positive feedback cycle, if you will.

geeah. i'm going to post some pictures to hide this post.  ***END SELF-SPLORATION

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