Sunday, April 10, 2011

Totally Urban Farmer: The Goals

in deciding to become a TUF, i have taken the first step toward true TUFwomanship.  i will truly manifest (womanifest? ha!) as a TUF when the following benchmarks have been reached:

--we continue our monthly patronage of the farmers' market.

--we build and outfit a chicken coop to comfortably house four chickens.

--we acquire and successfully raise up to four chickens.

--we harvest chicken eggs, and no longer buy them from the store/market.  we use them ourselves and give them to neighbors.

--we begin a compost project using the manure from our chickens, waste from food preparation, lawn clippings, coffee grounds, etc.  we invite our neighbors to contribute to the compost.

--we grow a vegetable garden using our compost, reducing our need to buy produce from the grocery store.  we will share vegetables with our neighbors.

--we document the progress and successes/challenges.

TUF ultimate goals:

--spend significantly less money at the big box grocery store.
--eat more organic, real, locally produced foods.
--have a sustainable cycle of home-produced food.
--foster a sense of neighborhood community around food.

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