Saturday, December 31, 2011

! Important Correction/TUFdate !

today, this last day of 2011, i have experienced a Major Paradigm Shift.

are you ready for it?





he's a rooster!  a boy chicken!  a cockerel!  growing into a full-fledged cock!  several things should have clued me in earlier:

1) the noise he makes when we open the coop in the morning that i was calling an "overenthusiastic cluck;"

2) the neck poofing dance he has been doing at the other hens;

3) the crazy looking plumage and stand-up shiny tailfeathers

however.  i got him from a ameraucana pullet chick bin at callahan's, and so i was really REALLY not expecting him to be a him.  it took a highly chicken-experienced member of the backyard chicken forum looking at my previous post to gently point out that tumblr would not be laying eggs at any point, now or ever!  and then the pieces fell into place.

so, tumblr's a rooster.  are chicks in our future?  chicken genetics research?  too much overly enthusiastic crowing? so far he's not been too obnoxious, and he is SO pretty....

TUFsuprises! new TUFventures!  bring it 2012!!

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  1. He's sure pretty to look at though! Perhaps you'll get a broody hen soon and get some new girls!