Friday, December 30, 2011

TUFlock 2011: Pictures

after a few weeks full of rain, mud, and fowl pox, the ladies of the TUF have been enjoying good health and sunshine of late.  it was nice to spend some time with them in the yard yesterday.......

they all act a bit dubious of the camera at first, but then tailfeathers get shaking.

pearl is looking all nice and white again after a few days of muddy dinginess.  feathers have an amazing ability to clean themselves!  what a great adaptation!  good on ya, birds.

bolo's comb was glowing in the sunshine.  she is the biggest softest blackest cochin chicken ever.

tumblr is impressively colorful...she should start laying eggs any minute!  and they may be green or blue!  i can't wait.....

she also has awesome beard and shoulder feathers.

twitter was probably the most affected by the gross dots of the fowl pox, but she is making a beautiful recovery.  she also gets the maddest when i try to take pictures of her, but when she paused for an irritated glare, i snapped this shot.  she has such pretty soft bluegray feathers!

she should start laying any minute as well, and her eggs should be dark dark brown.

sammo has the best cheek feathers ever, and lays big green eggs. she is the chicken in charge at the moment, and nobody crosses her, although i have seen tumblr start to challenge her authority. 

pearl and ninja, the two original TUF chickens, are still best friends.  though smaller than the other ladies, they manage to hold their own high in the pecking order, and have formed strategic alliances with other chickens.  (the politics of the coop is worth its own discussion, perhaps in the near future!)

anyway, hooray for the TUFlock 2011!  we look forward to 6 egg layers very soon, and of course much more fowl play in the weeks and months to come.

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